Hello World!!

I have spent the last two years on a wild ride called motherhood, one that was filled with magic and madness each day!!

But now as my little one readies to spread his wings and take flight (well almost), I find myself pondering over a familiar question again (the one I asked myself many moons ago in my teens)…what do I want to be…and where do I want to go from here…for you see…

“ It’s no use going back to yesterday,

because I was a different person then.”

(― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland )

It is this thought that urges me to walk new paths, unchartered by me so far. With this Blog, I want to share the things I love, my inspirations in design…interiors…travel…and life in general. Create a space to reflect…share…discover…re-discover all things beautiful that seem to form fragile memories in our everyday world spinning at a scarily hectic pace. And through all of this I hope to somewhere find the answer that I am looking for.

As I set upon this journey and tumble down this rabbit hole to know whether the mundane or the magical awaits me at the other end…

I hope that u will join me too, if for nothing else but for the promise that it will be a beautiful ride filled with sunshine!!


Would love to hear from you, do write to me –