A Greek Love Story – part 2

As Grey clouds with a deep baritone announce that the unrelenting summer has finally conceded to monsoon showers, the rain begins to drip and drop against my windowsill…providing the perfect excuse to dive back into writing the second part of my travel account of the dreamy Greek isles, just like I promised!

After bidding goodbye to Oia, we set a-sail for Mykonos. Gorgeous warm weather greeted us in this island of sensational beaches…blazing bougainvilleas…charming chapels and the trademark windmills…all set against some brilliant white buildings!!


I expected Mykonos to be somewhat similar to Santorini, but it infact turned out to be very different! While Santorini is nestled on high cliffs, the town of Mykonos sits pretty in the harbour, with its iconic windmills twinkling right next to the sea.

The architecture makes a complete departure from the blue church domes of Santorini. The Mykonian houses are cube-like with flat roofs and smooth chamfered edges and the chapels stand out with their painted red arched roofs. The only common thread that continues is the pristine whitewashed walls in the background.


The stark white houses of the town with doors, windows and stairways in shades of the Aegean sea seem to sparkle in the summer sun.4



While, small flowered balconies and deliriously cascading bougainvilleas paint a picture of complete bliss!!12



Walking the streets of the old Mykonos town feels like some sort of beautiful daydream!! A short stroll from the windmills is a wonderful little maze of narrow, stone-paved alleyways, aptly named little Venice…for it’s so easy to lose your way (and your heart!) wandering around these almost identical lanes, dotted with many colourful little shops and charming cafes.



All eateries offer small but perfect sit-out options to indulge in some delicious Greek fare and delightful warm weather.5



Ambling further down these streets will take you to the unusual church of Panagia Paraportiani. Originally a collection of five chapels next to the sea, it makes for a breath taking visual! We were lucky to witness a lovely wedding procession there. What a dream destination this is for exchanging wedding wows! I can only imagine how beautiful it must be to get married in this stunning locale…sigh!! ten years too late in my case!!





Quaint neighbourhoods surrounding the ‘Little Venice’ area offer many bed and breakfast options to travellers.27




Once you are tired from all the hours of aimless wandering, the restaurants on the seafront are a great way to end your day…watching epic sunsets while sipping potent cocktails, which can miraculously help drown out even a level 10 tantrum that your toddler may decide to throw at the time!! (if you are a parent of a three-year-old, then you will know exactly what I mean!)

Besides an exquisitely charming town, Mykonos island has a beach for every one and every mood! There are over ten beaches to choose from.Whether it is Elia or Ornos, a great option if you have kids accompanying you or Paradise and Super Paradise if you seek to jump into an all day long party…this place has just what you need!!

So every morning we set out to fill our days with some sun…sand…and sea! Being complete beach bums…jumping waves…walking dreamily by the shore…making little sand castles…listening to the waves…sipping pretty drinks…snoozing on daybeds… and staring endlessly at the spectacular blues of the sky and the sea before us is all we did!

And every evening we headed back with bright red noses and a deep chocolate brown tan to show for the incredible time we had and the wonderful memories we made!!


As I sift and sort through the countless frames I have clicked while on this vacation, I have to pinch myself often to remind me that I am not dreaming…and that a place this beautiful does exist!!

I am still Savouring my first taste of Greece…will be back to explore more!


Image credits : Sunshine in My Cup

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