A Greek Love Story – part 1

Hello there my lovely kittens! It feels soooo good to waltz back into my wonderful world of blogging!! I have been away for a while, busy setting up a spanking new studio for myself!! But in the midst of all the good things that happened, I somewhere lost my blogging mojo and eventhough I looked for it everywhere…I found it nowhere!!…until I recently bumped into it again while downing one too many cups of coffee in quaint little cafes of Greece overlooking the deep blue sea!!

And so I am a chirpy bird…back from a glorious trip in the sunny Greek isles…with an intense tan that verges on qualifying as being sunburnt (ahem!)…and an expanded waistline that clearly shows the ‘not so great’ after-effects of some ‘great’ gastronomic adventures (ahem! ahem!)

After many (so far unsuccessful) attempts at curing my Greek hangover, I thought it was best to share some beautiful vignettes from this holiday, and use it as an excuse to pay a virtual visit to these dreamy locales again! The other reason of course is that I clicked 87649056 photos from this trip (well! Not really…but almost) and now I am looking for ways to use them as I can’t possibly put up all of them on Instagram and might need Mr. Zuckerberg to launch a new social media platform to accommodate them!!


The husband and I, first landed in Athens, with our tiny tot in tow. We then marched on to the sunny island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea. Santorini is a mosaic of different small villages and towns. The most famous of these being Oia – the pristine white and blue village which most often features every time someone mentions Greece on Pinterest…Instagram…or postcards (in simpler times)!!

Oia (or EE-ah as it’s called) does not disappoint…every single nook of this drop-dead gorgeous village possesses a pleasantly unreal quality about it.






The winding streets, flanked on either side with immaculate white homes …occasionally punctuated with some in pastel hues, seem to be straight out of a water-color painting with every corner being simply…picture purrrrrrfect!! Excuse the excessive purring, as this place is full of the cutest kitties, in fact you can even rent one if you like (not kidding! Seriously!!)



Pondering over the important things in life … what to eat next ???


My weighing machine is still reflecting the charm of eateries like this!!

This dreamlike vision of the place however suffers a slight setback every evening as the entire world descends on this tiny little village to view the famous Santorini sunset (a right of passage kinda thing here)!! We were amongst the handful in the tidal wave of tourists, that were not chasing sunsets as the timing coincided with our little and perpetually hungry co-traveller’s dinnertime! So, if you plan to visit this gem in summer, I strongly suggest grabbing a viewing spot near the castle at least a few hours before the sun sets (Yes! you read that right!!) as it gets incredibly crowded!



While Oia is renowned for its sunsets, I found it at its most enchanting early in the morning…before the crowd from the neighbouring places sets in…when the maze of narrow laneways is still somewhat sleepy…there is a slight nip in the air…the endless blues of the sea glisten in the background…and the luscious smell of warm waffles and freshly brewed coffee beckons one to simply take a moment to indulge all the senses!IMG_9388

Sample this for a breakfast view!!

There is more to Santorini than just Oia. In fact, there are a whole host of activities like treks, beaches, boat cruises etc. that one can experience here. We took two day-trips outside of Oia. The first was to Fira, the more touristy capital of Santorini. While the views there were extremely beautiful, they still did not compare to those in Oia.7

Walking the winding streets of Fira!

The second was to an excavation sight in Akrotiri, followed by a lovely evening spent by the black volcanic pebble beach at Perissa. While the former I thought was passable, the beach turned out to be rather stunning!!13

Playing ball at the black pebble beach at Perissa

Santorini tends to get heavy tourist influx, so early in the season is the perfect time to visit, when the weather is warm but the madness is yet to set in full swing.11

Now if only my studio looked like this, I could die in peace…6

…and then wake up in a ceramic heaven like this one!!9

… or maybe this …


… or even this one !!!

Its probably best not to try and check off everything on your touristy to-do list for this place…I suggest keeping it slow and idyllic…walk up (or down!) the curving maze of whites……explore rooftops…drown yourself in endless cups of coffee with a good read at hand…stare like a loony at the sheer beauty of the colourful doors dotting the streets here…spend your afternoon deciding on the next gelato flavour to indulge in…savour some delicious local wine and dinner in a Greek taverna while watching the warm sun set on Caldera…follow it up with some more aimless wandering along the narrow winding passageways…in short…take time to simply absorb the breath taking vistas, for I doubt there is ever going to be another place with as much magic sprinkled around its cobbled paths as this one!


Incredible doors and windows line the streets here!IMG_5208.JPG

Tiny houses brimming with oodles of charm!!


I will be back with a detailed account of my other Greek affair with the sunny island Mykonos, in another post! Till next time then….

Image credits : Sunshine in My Cup

Not to be used without prior permission

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    Anna Mathew
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    Very beautiful narration and breathtaking photos Aninda!! Can’t wait to see your newly set up studio… Pls write a blog on that as well.

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    Absolutely brilliant
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