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India Design ID-part 3

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” —M.K. Gandhi

I couldn’t agree more with that !! Just a few days ago, I chanced upon a letter written to me by a close friend over a decade ago. As I ran my fingers along the curves of those alphabets, it made me smile…the letters took me back in time…it was a handwriting I once knew as well as mine!!

Its amazing how handwritten words can open windows into our souls the way cyber communication never can. No emoticons on my phone compare to these expressions of love and friendship that I hold dear even as decades have passed. Little notes of affection…from a parent…a lover or a friend to simply say I am thinking of you…I love you! These letters survive sometimes even when people are long gone…in a way that emails never can…and yet, we find that the handwritten…the handmade is drifting away!

Our fast lives leave us with little time to linger over food…family or friends. Constantly choosing the express over the slow…we often forget to savour our meals…our days…and sometimes even our lives. We live in a technology-enabled world…always connected but feeling more isolated than ever. May be its time to push the pause button…a time to slow down, unplug and recharge our bodies, minds and souls instead of batteries.

Slow living is a concept that can help us achieve this. A mindful conscious way of life… filled with beauty, joy and gratitude. It is not about coming to a standstill but is about a more reflective approach…one that urges us to connect with the present moment. It celebrates the process and the journey instead of the destination. Asian Paints ColourNext explored this beautiful philosophy of Slow Living and its manifestations in their trend booth at India Design ID 2017. This storyboard about the forgotten dimension of time in our lives, was the one that resonated the most with me!

The dreamy pastels of this palette help create a tranquil indoor haven…a place where calm aesthetics meet the simple joys of life. It speaks of indulging in the patient processes of eco dying and pottery…of embracing the natural imperfections of materials like leather and Burma teak…the natural and textural qualities of cork and sponge…of beautiful organic patterns such as the cracks in Kintsugi…and most importantly of appreciating the beauty in the unhurried.

color slow-main

I leave you to indulge in some beautiful images that reflect the essence and palette of this theme about the forgotten art of living!

For starters…scroll real SLOW!!


“Forever is composed of nows.”

―Emily Dickinson


slow living1slowliving 10 slowliving7slow living2slow living3asian paints1slow living 4slowliving6

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Image Credits : Asian Paints, Homelife,Pinterest, Frederic Ducout Photographe

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    March 17, 2017 at 11:29 am

    Slow living is an art which we should be adopting for sure in this fast and busy life. The pictures and design styles you have picked here depict this thought so well. Great post Aninda!!

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