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India Design ID-part 2

Hello there all you good folks!! The weather has been perfect in my part of the world of late and I am using this excuse to attend all the wonderful spring events that pop up in the city before the unrelenting heat of Delhi summers sets in!! One such lovely afternoon was spent at the recent India Design ID. In its 5th edition, it was a wonderfully curated platform that brought together some of the country’s best names in design and décor, under one roof for a four day long celebration!

So to continue this story from where we left it in my last post…I am back to share with you some more favourites from the décor trends section of the expo.

Asian Paints ColourNext 2017: ColourNext is a series of trend forecasts represented thorough a series of shades, moodboards, textures and finishes. Of the four distinct stories they presented this year, there were two that I could really identify with. To me these were more than just a beautiful amalgamation of color palettes and suggested materials; they were a collection of thoughts that struck a deeper chord with me. I will be discussing one of those themes here and the other in my post that will follow.


As our cities and lifestyles become increasingly cosmopolitan with each passing day, the world turns into a more standardised and homogeneous entity. While that is wonderful in many ways, we must also remember to take pride in our roots and where we came from. Local Pride is a trend that sees a joyous celebration of the cultures and sub-cultures we belong to, and the true diversity of our country, and the world.

Embracing the vernacular is a philosophy that I strongly believe in. I find it ironic that most of us are opting for a clean line contemporary look for our urban dwellings, while the west is learning to appreciate the beauty and imperfections of our colourful handmade wares. In our hurry to embrace what is perceived as modern, we are quickly leaving behind the wisdom and aesthetics that have been refined in our country over centuries. I really liked the fact that this story envisions us as global citizens who take pride in sharing their unique indigenous narratives.

This trend brings together an earthy…warm and somewhat understated palette, with Indian crafts and art forms woven into the story, a definite departure from the color riot that one usually associates with Indian themes. A great way to marry the traditional with the modern in order to bring together a unique narrative for your space!

Asian Paints local pride 01

Asian paints local pride 02

I leave with you with some beautiful images from Asian Paints and a few others that are fitting of this wonderful story for the season. Hope you enjoy them! The final part of this series on the India Design ID 2017 will be coming your way soon…so stay tuned peeps!

You can also take a look at more of my favourite snippets from the show on my Instagram here.

Asian paints 01Asian Paints 02 Asian Paints 03   image 05 image 06 image 07 image 08

Image credits: Asian Paints, Pinterest and the Instagram feed of pino3bravo

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    March 8, 2017 at 3:27 am

    Just got a chance to go through your blog Aninda and love it! Enjoying your India Design ID series very much! So much inspiration and ideas. Looking forward to more such posts from you in future… keep writng!

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      March 16, 2017 at 12:44 pm

      Thank you Nupur…so glad you enjoyed it!!

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    March 8, 2017 at 3:29 am

    Just got a chance to go through your blog Aninda and I love it!! Enjoying your India Design ID series very much. So many ideas and so much inspiration. Thanks for bringing this to us. Looking forward to many more such beautiful posts….. keep writing!

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