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India Design ID 2017

Hello peeps!! I have been away from the blog for a bit and have missed it sorely! These past few weeks have been well spent, diligently organising a little studio space for moi! One that can lovingly accommodate both my work and daydreaming sessions!

While I was busy packing and unpacking an army of cardboard cartons, my humble abode was featured by one of my favourite fellow bloggers, Sruthi of The East Coast Desi. In case you missed it…you can take a virtual tour right here!!

And since I din’t want to be like the dull boy Jack from the ‘All work and no play’ situation, I recharged my batteries by hopping around beautiful exhibits at the recent India Design ID in Delhi!! Whether you are a décor professional or a design junkie, this one is a must visit. While there was a lot of eye candy to gorge on (I primarily mean the décor kind), there were a few stories that really stood out and resonated with me…these are the ones I would like to share with you in this three part series.

The Elle Décor trend narrative for the season revolved around the theme “Desert Wanderer’, telling the story of a traveller’s longing for quietude! Drawing its inspiration from the salt washed landscape of still desert sands…urging us to return and rely on the organic…the raw and the rustic!

 With a heavy Moroccan and Aztec influence, this was a soothing palette of cinnamons and beiges with hints of black, saffron, green…accentuated with silver and copper.

 I personally looooved this theme of soft natural materials like linens and cottons in muted shades coupled with raw unfinished wooden textures…against mud plastered walls…dotted with little niches…succulents and handmade African baskets!! All the inspiration one needs to create an ideal oasis in the comfort of our own homes!

 I leave you to devour these scrumptious images from the Elle Décor trend booth and some others that I feel reflect the mood appropriately!!

Stay tuned for more posts on the India DesignID 2017. Meanwhile, you can also take a peek at some of my favourite snippets from the show by scrolling down my Instagram feed here.

elle decor1 elle decor2 elle decor3 elle decor4 IMG_3406 IMG_3407 pinIMG_3408 IMG_3419IMG_3411  IMG_3421

Image credits: Sunshine in my Cup, Pinterest and Instagram feeds of pino3bravo, villastyling, couleurlocaleconceptstore and haveliofbyronbay.

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