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Of Some Old Loves…

  It’s February…flowers are in bloom…love is in the air…and everything will soon be covered with ubiquitous red hearts! As this season of love descends upon us, I have to confess that there is something pulling at my heartstrings too!!

Some old loves…that have been on my mind and in my dreams for sometime now…

giving me little butterflies in my belly and a flutter in my heart lately!!

Loves that continued to stay…even as I stashed them away to dusty corners of my mind and let other things and people take precedence in my life! Now, I don’t mean to offend my dear husband of ten (may I add ‘wonderful’) years …so this isn’t about another man but about my love for making art!

This spring, I have decided to make a fresh beginning…reclaim some old passions…and simply MAKE MORE ART!!


While I have always had a creative career, I have often felt that there was something amiss! After thinking long and hard about it, I realised that I am happiest when I make things with my own hands. So, I have finally decided to act upon it and approach my work from a place that really speaks to my heart!!IMG_3105IMG_3104

The pictures here are from a long time ago, when I dabbled a bit in pottery. Back then, whenever I centered clay on the potter’s wheel…somehow, it always felt like I had found my own center…it is that feeling, I miss the most!! Those moments of quiet bliss…that drown out the noise!


So here is MY LITTLE LIST of THE BIG THINGS that I intend to do differently this year :

– I am going to return and reconnect with my ART.

– I am not going to constantly judge its worthiness…smother it with expectations…doubt…fear or neglect.

– I will be willing to experiment more…push myself out of my comfort zone and not let the fear of failure take over even before I have tried.

– I am simply going to take time for myself… doing things I enjoy without letting any professional guilt of not aligning with one particular craft get in my way!

– I will trust my instincts…follow my creative path wherever it may lead me.

So with these thoughts, I close my eyes to old ends…

and open my heart to the magic of new beginnings!!


If you are making a similar creative switch in your life, do write to me, I would love to hear about your journey!!

P.S. I have to confess that I sat down to write this more as a note to myself but decided to share it for I have met so many talented women who are constantly judging the worthiness of their creative skills! I guess if we don’t take the plunge…we would never really know! At the end of it all…we have just one life to live…why die wondering about the ‘what ifs’…why not go for something that makes our hearts sing!!

All images : Sunshine in My Cup

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