Charming Charpoy Dreams!

As the weather began to turn and the winter chill gave way to brighter days over the weekend, I have had some dreamy ideas brewing in my head…about a cozy seating nook I want to create under the lemon tree in our garden…where yours truly shall spend long hours reading and drifting in and out of sweet sunlit siestas!

(Ahem! Never mind the faint little voice in my head that desperately tried to reason with me – “Mothers of three year olds are NOT allowed the luxury to lounge!” )

So as I chose to dream on…a chance encounter with a charpoy-maker set me thinking whether a charpoy would fit that brief. Beautifully raw…rustic…and dangerously comfortable, this traditional piece of furniture brings back delightful memories for one and all.

(Unless of course, you happen to be Mr. Rahul Gandhi!)

As I stood there watching this man expertly weave a shiny silvery rope around a modest wooden frame….my mind drifted to the countless lazy winter afternoons, spent as a child sprawled on one such charpoy, with my sunkissed face… cracking what now seems like a million peanuts…or simply snoozing as the winter sun warmed me up. With time, those lazy afternoons and the quintessential charpoys, both have quietly disappeared from our urban homes.

However, it’s heartening to see how this age-old Indian staple has been reinvented in the last few years. By playing around with size, colors and materials, the traditional charpoy has evolved into a gorgeous seating option perfect for any decor. This modest piece of furniture, synonymous with a casual…comfortable…chatty setting, is the perfect piece to introduce as a daybed – indoors or out on a deck.

So, here are some ideas to inspire you this evening…just in case you too are looking to add some informal yet stylish seating to the current mix in your space!

Hope you enjoy the images, have a wonderful week ahead <3

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Image credits : Pinterest, Instagram feeds of @couleurlocaleconceptstore and @carlaypage

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    July 25, 2017 at 10:50 am

    Hi i loved this post. Where in Delhi can i find a Charpoy for sale or a charpoy maker ?

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