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Doodle Days with Tiny Farm

If like me, u too live in a world of squiggles and a million scribbles…

If cute little things smile back at u from every page of your notebook…

If doodling brings you deliverance on dull afternoons…

or you like to fill beautiful journals with diligently handwritten to-do lists that never seem to end…

Then this is for YOU!!

Riddhi, the illustrator and founder at the TINY FARM, designs the most lovely nature inspired floral journals, calendars and notecards to organise your day and life with a pinch of pretty!!

In addition, she also offers design services like branding, packaging, website design, custom made invites etc.

I am especially smitten by her calendar for the new year with an inspirational word for each month ( hmm…no surprises here, I am self admittedly a sucker for flowers and little birdies…give me one of these in any form and you will have a friend for life!!)

Also, I must mention that my pretty purchases from Tiny Farm came with warm and wonderful personalised hand written notes every time, which made the experience even more special for me!!

Sharing a glimpse of her work that caught my eye and made me smile…you can view the entire collection here and here!!

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Image credits : Sunshine in My Cup and Tiny Farm

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