A Dreamy Getaway

Today I am taking a virtual vacation in the dreamy 47 Jobner Bagh hotel, a charming retreat in the Pink City of Jaipur. Just the other day a gorgeous picture from this gem of a place popped up on my Instagram feed. Now, my décor leanings are usually bursting at the seams with color…but so captivating was this image that like Alice (of the wonderland fame), it made me

“Curiouser and Curiouser ”
I looked it up further, only to find even more scrumptious whitewashed slices of heaven…

A place that looked warm and welcoming with beautiful jaali walls…sunlit rooms with considered cosy details…spaces with a sense of quiet understated aesthetic peppered with antiques…and lush sit-outs for coffee and conversations!

So go ahead and feast on these beautiful images…

While I set in motion my plan for a quick escape to this beautiful retreat, by leaving little post-its around the house for the Husband…with sweet hints to start packing for the upcoming long weekend!!

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For more details on this place click here

Image credits: Instagram feeds of jobnerbagh, waltergtextiles, blockshoptextilesmattanewyork, rach_loves, reshamgram

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