A Palette of Inspiration

And just like that the holidays are over !! But I am determined to not let the cold grey days dampen my spirits!
So here I am…with a glass of mulled wine and rooms reflecting a moody vibe…helping me thaw, on this cold winter evening!!

A palette of inspiration, these Bold and Beautiful spaces sing to me in a deep deep baritone…

Rooms with THE BLUES of rivers turquoise…turq1turq3

…FLAMING YELLOWS of a golden sunset…yellow1rust1yellow2

…The dark MAGICAL GREYS of clouds bearing rains!!…grey1 grey2

 …MIDNIGHT HUES of starry nights… purple3purple1purple2

…the EMERALD GREENS of envious faces…grn2grn1

…and the finally the deep DUSTY PINKS of a lost love, not yet forgotten!!pink4pink3

Hope these myriad colorful rooms leave you a touch inspired too!

Till next time then…Much love <3

Image credits : Pinterest, Instagram feeds of limonstory, pino3bravo and goodearth

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