A Palette of Inspiration


And just like that the holidays are over !! But I am determined to not let the cold grey days dampen my spirits!
So here I am…with a glass of mulled wine and rooms reflecting a moody vibe…helping me thaw, on this cold winter evening!!

A palette of inspiration, these Bold and Beautiful spaces sing to me in a deep deep baritone…

Rooms with THE BLUES of rivers turquoise…turq1turq3

…FLAMING YELLOWS of a golden sunset…yellow1rust1yellow2

…The dark MAGICAL GREYSย of clouds bearing rains!!…grey1 grey2

ย …MIDNIGHT HUES of starry nights…ย purple3purple1purple2

…the EMERALD GREENSย of envious faces…grn2grn1

…and the finally the deep DUSTY PINKS of a lost love, not yet forgotten!!pink4pink3

Hope these myriad colorful rooms leave you a touch inspired too!

Till next time then…Much love <3

Image credits : Pinterest, Instagram feeds of limonstory, pino3bravo and goodearth

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