The City of Blue

Stories told by travelling feet…

with folded hands ready to greet!

 Of a city and its sky…oh so blue

A curious mix of the old and new!

 Of bright turbans and curled up moustaches

silver trinkets…colourful veils…

of forgotten splendour and timeless tales!

Of lattice windows and invincible forts…

with coloured glass…filtered light

Of soulful music and a starry night!!

 ~ Postcards from a recent travel, soaked in flavours of Rajasthan ~

img_2438 img_2419 img_2424img_2431img_2421  img_2428img_2426   img_2432 img_2436img_2434  img_2439 img_2443img_2441

How to get there: Click here

Recommended stay : Hotel Ratan Vilas

Image credits: Sunshine in My Cup

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