Face to Face


Lost in dreams…You see them think
With strands of hair…That seldom link
Eyebrows with…A puckered kink
Eyes that cry…Will also wink
Pointy noses…For fragrant stink
In dismay will they…Often crink
Cheeks that glow…With hues of pink
Have dimples in…Their beauty sink
Lips that frown…And lips that drink
A tooth that aches…And teeth that clink
Even jaws and chins…All move in sync
Formed expressions…All lost in a blink
Faces like faces
Can’t be inked !!

~Written by Ninad Kulkarni~

Beautiful rooms with an eclectic vibe and a common thread of art running gently through them. Have wonderful week ahead !!ac6add43-b7f2-4a05-b092-b3ada9983de4c62e2e46-c618-475f-bc79-11b179947eb5face1faces27faa6dc7-6d04-45cf-a27e-c27ac9bd86fe7255ddff-eaba-4b9f-ac87-6902511d3f60708868d9-be0f-467b-822e-db6cd3082945

(Image credits: Instagram feed of @atlantishome, @indiebungalow, @bohoside,,, pinterest images of shivanidogra)

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