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Behind Closed Doors

Ok so I am going to begin this post by admitting to my longstanding obsession with beautiful doors…it’s an odd one I am told. I like and stare at all kinds, big…small…vibrant…weathered…arched…stained…they all make me stop in my tracks while the world goes by.

“Have I gone mad?
I m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.”
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

(there u have it…Lewis Carol said it, not me!! )

So I have put together some drool worthy doors that are giving me some serious wanderlust this afternoon.

They make me curious…I wonder what lies behind…what do they speak of…is it of hope…or happiness…a patina of age…a trace of time…do they hold dark secrets or lead to light…a story untold…or maybe an adventure that is yet to unfold!!

If you too are looking to treat your senses…then step right in!!






These doors have me transfixed. As I soak in these midweek travel vibes and go about my merry day-dreaming ways… I fear I might just lose all track of time… so until next time then!! Have a wonderful week ahead!!


(Image credits:Pinterest)

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