Soulitude By The River

Green hills heavy with mist called my name…and I knew I had to answer!

Quaint…earthy…idyllic…cozy…string those words together and you have ‘Soulitude by the River’- A Himalayan retreat that feels more like a home away from home!long5Nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by the hills of Kumaon all around, this old village home by the banks of river Kalsa, has been carefully restored with traditional methods, a keen design eye and lots of love. A place where silence surrounds you…so tranquil and still that the only constant sound is that of the river flowing!!long9long10The tastefully done interiors reflect an old world charm. The mud-plastered walls complement the rustic décor, old lantern lights and vintage furniture. The rooms are replete in every corner with little collectibles that each seem to have a story of their own, giving the place a warm lived in appeal. The chef serves delectable food made with organic produce from their charming little kitchen garden on the property.long4long 3long7

The skylights in the rooms welcome natural light, through them you can see the clouds waft past the blue sky on lazy afternoons and as the day melts into the evening, a spectacular night sky begins to unfold, the kind that has been long lost in the city lights. Gently reminding us of the beauty and pleasures that we sacrificed in the hustle bustle of a busy life, making us wonder whether it was all worth it !!  long6    sol long1Head here to know more about the place.

(Image credits : Sunshine in my Cup and the resort’s website )

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