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Of the Flighted, Furry and Feline

Hola lovelies !!

Today I found myself in New Mexico (virtually that is !!) gushing over Geninne’s works of art. Beautiful…Dreamy…Whimsical…Quirky…the kind of art that makes me smile every time I visit (not her studio but her Etsy shop I mean). It’s the sort of imagery that brings a warm fuzzy glow to my world!!

artIf like me, u too are perpetually obsessing over bird, bees, butterflies….or things with wings (as she likes to call them) then you will revel in the visual delight that Geninne’s work is.

Looking for some art or ceramics with feathered, furry or feline friends…head right this way!!

ceramicAnd it’s not just her art that has my heart singing but also the space she calls home. I could read all day long on that hammock…drown myself in endless cups of green tea in that kitchen…or find inspirations galore in every nook of that studio!!

spaceFind out more about the artist and her drool worthy creations here and here.

(Image credits: Geninne’s Art facebook page and her Etsy Shop)

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