Feeling Blue

As the last thunderous clouds of the season come floating, I sit listening to the rhythm of the falling rain, savouring the final showers of this retreating monsoon…Oh how I will miss your pitter patter my old friend !!
So until we meet again…these deep deep shades of blue shall keep me company and I will continue dreaming of everything indigo!!long2And for that…I could happily plonk myself on these beds for the rest of my life!!461Ahh! that peacock chair makes my heart sing …while the blues have me swooning!!long1These rooms would make for such a happy hideaways on a rainy day!53 8Some more scrumptious blue spaces you can dive into!long3And lastly a glimpse of how these little loving layers of Indigo are spilling over into my home, waiting for the rains to return another day, another time!!long4 long5Hope its has rained to your hearts content and your monsoon has been wonderful too!!

(Image Credits: Sunshine in my cup, here, here, here , and also here . Phew!! quite a list I say )

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